Half Day ChiRunning Workshop

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Begins: 04/11/2020 at 12:00PM
Ends: 04/11/2020 at 04:00PM
Cost: $100
Venue: Stride MultiSport
Address: 611 North Lynndale Drive, lower level, suite F , Appleton , WI
Instructor: Cassie Kottke, Master Instructor
Instructor Contact: stridemultisport@yahoo.com

I will guide you through many exercises and drills designed to leave you with a clear sense of what the Chi Running technique feels like in your body.  You will learn: Posture, Foot Placement, Lean, Arm Swing, Knee Bending, Stride Length, Cadence and more.  You will also be videotaped at the beginning of the workshop.  We will not be doing lots of running (contrary to what you might imagine), so no matter what condition you are in, have no fear. We will spend time alternating between demonstrations, fun exercises and technique drills … the nature of the day will be relaxed, full and inspiring. This workshop is appropriate for everyone, from the beginner to the elite!

  • The Keys to Effortless, Injury-free Running
  • The Physics of Running: Run without Using Your Legs
  • Chi Running versus Power Running
  • Introduction to the Chi Running Form
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Personal Check-in Tricks and Tools
  • Core Muscle Drills and Exercises
  • Pre-run Body Looseners, Post-run Stretches
  • Innovative technique drills
  • How to conserve energy at any speed
  • Video Analysis of your form at the beginning of class
  • This investment will out weigh the hassle/money/time off that you would deal with a running injury! Prevention vs. Treatment!

There are no refunds, but I would be happy to transfer you to another workshop that I teach or work with you individually.

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