Chi Running Hills & Trails

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Begins: 08/03/2019 at 08:30AM
Ends: 08/03/2019 at 10:30AM
Cost: $85
Venue: The Presidio San Francisco
Instructor: Hazel Wood
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Chi Running Hills and Trails Workshop

Take the strain and struggle out of hill running with this ChiRunning Hills and Trails Workshop.  It will increase your ability to conserve energy on the uphills, reduce impact on the downhills, and enjoy the views from the top pain-free.

Many people struggle with hills because they see uphills as more work and downhills as more impact. With ChiRunning hills can be fun, especially when you run them using technique and not leg strength. The key to running hills and trails is to both adapt your basic ChiRunning technique and apply some additional techniques.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use your upper body to reduce your legwork
  • Run downhill with less impact while gaining speed
  • Make uphill running easier with relaxation techniques
  • Prevent injury and over-exertion
  • Apply special techniques to steep hills
  • Make modifications for steep downhils
  • Have more fun with less effort!

In the Hills and Trails workshop we take the same concepts that were learned on the flat and pavement and apply, with some important modifications, to hills and dirt. These modifications and some additional techniques are used to promote energy efficiency and injury prevention when running either hilly pavement or trails.

This workshop will expand on concepts that you learned in a Basics ChiRunning workshop.  It is therefore a requirement that participants complete a ChiRunning workshop or private session with a Certified Instructor before signing up for a Hills and Trails workshop.



The workshop is limited to 6 participants so you will get lots of personal attention.

Hazel Wood, the instructor has extensive experience running hills and trails.  Some of the highlights of her trail running include:

  • 38 Dipsea races in the Invitational Group with 3 Black Shirts for finishing in the top 35
  • Two time 1stPlace in age group at Headlands 50K, one time second place
  • Five 50K races
  • One 50 mile race
  • And several other distances

Cancel 7 days before the workshop and you will be refunded $75 (there is a $10 processing fee), or you can use the $85 for a future workshop purchased through Stride By Stride within one year with no penalty. If you cancel within 7 days of the workshop, you will not receive a refund, but the fee can be credited towards a future workshop purchased through Stride By Stride within one year.

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