ChiWalking Workshop @ Attleboro, MA – Indoor location!

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Begins: 02/08/2020 at 09:00AM
Ends: 02/08/2020 at 11:00AM
Additional date/time details: This workshop will sell out. Register early!
Cost: $75
Venue: Houghton Physical Therapy
Address: 80 Park St , Attleboro , MA
Map: Open Map
Instructor: Marc Waxman - Senior Instructor
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Please email Coach Marc at to register.

  • Is This Workshop for Me?

    Yes! ChiWalking is beneficial for everyone, even those recovering from or managing illness or injury. The ChiWalking principles are covered in the first half of the running workshop. There will be no running during this time, but you will practice plenty of walking exercises & drills.

    You’ll Learn How To:

    • Maximize the power of your core to move forward.  Most walking injuries occur from the waist down. When we initiate movement from our core, the body’s largest muscle group, we don’t need to use our legs for propulsion. This greatly reduces impact, pain, and risk of injury. A strong core also improves posture, balance, and stability.

    • Unite your Upper Body and Lower Body. The Chi techniques are all about keeping your energy flowing so you can move efficiently. You’ll learn how to optimize your movement to keep the workload balanced between your Upper Body and Lower Body.

    • Get the results you want with fitness walking. With good body mechanics and relaxation techniques, you’ll improve your endurance and gain speed while preventing fatigue. You’ll be able to walk farther and faster with less effort so you can make your fitness goals a reality.

    • Plenty of Practice. You’ll practice walking drills and exercises designed to help you instill the technique in your body.

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What others are saying...


Having Marc Waxman as my ChiRunning coach has changed my life!! Marc is an amazing teacher and has taught me how to run injury free!!  This was not easy since I was a true heel striker which caused me to have four tibial stress fractures in three years while trying to train for the marathon.

After my fourth stress fracture where my doctors ruled out causes due to bone density or vitamin D levels since all the test showed great results, the consensus was that I needed to relearn how to run!!

Research led me to ChiRunning and most importantly, Marc Waxman!  At my first ChiRunning workshop I was amazed at Marc’s ability to teach.  I was not surprised to learn he had a teaching background.  Marc has helped me to learn how to run effectively and efficiently through guided runs and having me think about “form focuses” which he includes in my online training plan.

This past week I got a chance to use my training in the Providence Marathon.  I came away injury free with a PR!  A win win for me thanks to Marc and all his guidance.  My goal is to Boston Qualify and although I did not achieve that on this attempt, I am confident that Marc will get me there!  “I can and I will” is my motto but in reality I couldn’t come close without Marc!

I am looking forward to beginning another training cycle of guided runs with Marc along with ChiRunning “form focuses” on the Final Surge training plan.  I know I’ll enjoy the challenge and like implementing and practicing the ChiRunning form on my runs.  I truly believe Marc is the reason I am now finally able to run injury free.  His ability to teach the ChiRunning technique along with smart coaching is crucial to my success as a runner.

-Donna C.

55 year old marathon runner 🙂

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