ChiWalking Clinic in Central Vermont

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Begins: 04/17/2021 at 10:00AM
Ends: 04/17/2021 at 12:00PM
Additional date/time details: Easy parking behind the building.
Cost: $90
Venue: Rise And Shine Running Studio @ Sidewalk Village, Suite 18
Address: 136 North Main Street , Barre , Vermont
Map: Open Map
Instructor: Sarah Richardson-Master Instructor
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The ChiWalking technique applies principles from Tai Chi to recreational walking promoting energy efficiency and injury prevention. How you walk dictates how stress moves through your body while walking. Efficient walking technique distributes less stress on your body and requires less effort. Developing an efficient walking technique is an essential component in restoring or sustaining your walking practice. Efficient ChiWalking Technique can be learned through focused practice.

A ChiWalking Clinic takes you through 3 steps to start developing the skill of efficient pain-free walking:

1) Understand the efficiency of ChiWalking
2) Feel the efficiency of ChiWalking in your own body
3) Guided Practice of ChiWalking

Intro to ChiWalking Workshop will Cover:

  • Principles of Tai Chi applied to recreational walking
  • Efficient Posture and Alignment
  • Movement of your Dantien (center) to create forward motion
  • ChiWalking- learn to walk before you run
  • ArmSwing- learn an efficient/ productive arm swing
  • Walking Video Analysis
  • Pre-Walk Body Looseners
  • Core Strengtheners

Intro to ChiWalking Workshop consists of discussion, demonstration, drills and a small amount of walking making it perfect for individuals of all conditioning and experience levels interested in efficient walking.

Class will be limited to 4 participants to allow for individual instruction and social distancing.

COVID19 Protocol: The instructor and participants will be required to follow the current recommendations on the date of the workshop. The instructor will contact the participants with the most current recommendations prior to the workshop.

Notes to participants: We will have a combo of indoor and outdoor time, so please bring appropriate clothing (layers). Feel free to bring water and/or a snack.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancel 14 days before the workshop and you will be refunded your registration payment minus a $35 processing fee, or you can use the registration payment for a future workshop with ChiLiving, Inc. within one year with no penalty.

If you cancel within 14 days of the workshop, you will not receive a refund, but the fee can be credited towards a future workshop purchased with Chi Living, Inc. within one year. If you cancel within two days of the workshop you forfeit your full payment.

The Instructor reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the workshop, in which case you will receive a full refund.

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