Won age group of 50K with Chi Running - Chi Running

Won age group of 50K with Chi Running

July 24th, 2010

Won age group of 50K with Chi Running

Thanks to Chi Running, I just completed a gnarly, hot (90’s) hilly (2,500ft of climb) Ohio single track 50k. I was practically the oldest @ 62  and won my AG and finished within the top 2/3irds of all AG’s. I’m happy  just to be able to move and get through it pain free!

Three and a half months ago when I got the Chi Running book my arthritic left knee was too painful to lift/bend and run like in the past. A stiff arthritic mid-foot that barked at me as it flopped along. A herniated disc shut me down over the winter. Got clearance from my sports Doc to run (subject to pain) after encountering knee arthritis (OA) last fall and it wasn’t fun, used a brace ugh, very uncomfortable.

I don’t know about ah-ha moments, mine have been more like du-uh moments; softening ankles, no foot/leg acceleration. I’ve got a ways to go with CR, but this was my longest run this year .

I did qualify for the New York City Marathon this fall before issues arose last year and hope to do it, roads are tougher than trails thus far.

Really amazed by the miles I can do now without feet/legs being pulverized. Don’t get me wrong, I get tired,  and the foot arthritis has discomforts. I’m old. I get with my 4 year old grandson at times, a natural posse runner (sorry Chi Running, there are such kids) he’ll say let’s wun (code talk for run) I just feel my column, soften the ankles and we’re off and I can do it without pain. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Marty M.

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