Won Age Group in Ultra with Chi Running - Chi Running

Won Age Group in Ultra with Chi Running

October 10th, 2010

Won Age Group in Ultra with Chi Running

Hi Danny and Katherine,

Noble Canyon 50k Pine Valley, CA 9-25-10, Chi Running comes through again! I finished 1st in my age group 60-69 this year. The ultra is a very tough one, mostly on trails, with first half up hill and a little long for a 50k, 34 miles. It has been a year since I took your workshop from Danny in Denver. With the temperature approaching 100F in places. I was able to keep my Chi Focuses and finished in good form. I have a picture finishing and I was even surprised to see how good my form was after 34 miles. Felt very good after the race without any problems. Chi Running works, it really does! Thank you all very much.

John H.

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A Chi Running Love Letter

A message of pure gratitude as your book on Chi Running has completely changed my running experience. In only three and a half years I've gone through patellar tendonitis (in both knees), plantar fasciitis, and many other injuries I can't even describe.

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