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Update from Austin: Mastering Pelvic Rotation and a Half Marathon on the Horizon

June 6th, 2011

Update from Austin: Mastering Pelvic Rotation and a Half Marathon on the Horizon

All - It has been very hot in south Texas this Spring. The temperatures are in the high 70's and low 80's in the early mornings with some high humidity. When it started getting hot I noticed that my heart rate was up quite a bit during my LSD. The trigger was that I was getting much more tired than usual while still maintaining a conversational pace. Because of this, I decided to start doing a combination of run-walks for my LSD while adapting to the heat. I reviewed the "pool-walking" exercise on the DVD and in the book and started implementing it in my LSD. What a difference it has made in my overall running!

As Danny describes in the book, I am a tight-a-- when it comes to running and the run-walk paradigm has really helped correcting this. A significant accomplishment derived from this has been that I can now get into a "relaxed, smooth and comfortable stride" every time I run because of practicing the "pool-walking, run-walk" transition many times on each LSD. The pelvic rotation just happens.

I have been running 15 months now. I struggled for a few months on my own but after attending the workshop with Danny in Austin last November, I've been running consistently injury free. The "looseners" before the run have direct correlation regarding my ease of the run and the stretches after affect how I feel the next day.

My doctor is very pleased with my health and past medical problems are simply that.

My current goal is to run a half-marathon by the end of the year and will start the Intermediate Half-Marathon training program next month.

The ChiRunning concept of "speed is a result and not a goal" is proving to be accurate. It's fun needing to figure out new running courses because you get back to the house way too early! :>)

Terry G.

Update: Participated in the Bergesfest 5K in Boerne, Tx today.  It was extremely hot in South Texas (near 90 degrees - high humidity by race start) for this race and decided to do a run/walk (4-2) and concentrate on focuses of (heels-up/toes-down/cyclical feet with a very short stride while running) and (pelvic rotation and run-to-walk-to-run transition while walking).  To my surprise I had a very good 5K personal time and felt terrific after finishing.  My recovery heart rate was 34 BPM after the first two minutes after the last run segment - end of the course.  YEAH!

I am very grateful to be running injury-free and slowly but surely (Gradual Progress) running faster and greater distance with less effort.

To find out how Terry’s ChiRunning began, read his first letter to us.

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