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Losing weight, injury-free with Chi Running book

December 16th, 2010

I do not know how to thank you enough for your wonderful book. I am 48 (was about 80lbs overweight now only 50lbs o/w) returning to running for the first time in 30 years. I started about 12 weeks ago only being able to run for 60 seconds at a time and after a couple of weeks was in severe pain in my knees and one ankle, as well as my Achilles tendon. I talked to a few people about the injuries and went to see a sports physio therapist who told me that if I was running then it was inevitable that I would be injured and told me to do some exercises which were painful, and layoff running for 12 weeks.

I thought this advice was absurd and in searching around for a solution I came across your book - 4 weeks after seeing the sports physio I have just run 6.5 km with no pain and feel so fresh and invigorated after my runs. My running is not setting the world on fire - but as you say in the book, just improve a little bit every time, or as my Dad says, 'Rome was not built in a day'. I am slow at the moment, but I don't mind because I enjoy the running. I continually get my running form wrong but then I can feel it, then refocus and relax and the aches and pains--as if by magic--disappear.

I am right at the beginning of a great adventure that your book has helped me with and will continue to do so. I am slow and don't run huge distances, but you never know, in a year or two or three...

Many thanks for a truly inspiring, supportive and life changing book.

I have had a very difficult year on many levels and without doubt this book has really helped me in other ways than just running.

Kind regards,
Bill M.

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