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Lift and lean

December 16th, 2005

Hi Danny,
My wife has recently lost 10 lbs (I'm not supposed to tell anyone), and a big part of that is walking your way.  After my session with you last month, I showed  her the basics.
She began walking by lifting and leaning.  Now, she walks everyday, loves it, goes for an hour or so, her heart rate is lower and she's not pounding hard.  The women's fitness magazines have walking all wrong, and she wasn't getting anywhere pumping her arms and legs forward.  Maybe you should make walking part of your offerings - for people a little too out of  shape to start running, older people, etc.

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A Chi Running Love Letter

I am 51 years old and always wanted to be a runner (even had recurring dreams about running), but I always walked so heavy that when I ran even for 3 minutes, I invariably got shin splints. My boss told me about Chi Running and I downloaded the book on to my Nook ...

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