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A Late Gift for an Instructor ...

June 27th, 2011

Well, to tell the truth: My racing time is over (did I think); my last HM and Marathon 10 years back, the 100ks even more, but...
since reading "Born to run" and getting into Chi Runing I do sometimes again feel this twitching in the legs, and reading 2 days ago of my most-loved 10k near Frankfurt (my home town) taking place today, I decided to run, for fun and seeing how to transfer Chi Running into a race. I did my looseners before, and then started slowly from the end of the crowd. Then I ran and ran, only surpassing, incredible smooth, no pain in calves or upper legs. I just got more and more tired (it was warm and my running schedule at the moment is 3x the week, not more than 45 min). The last 2 km were hard, especially at the end is a very steep uphill passage, where you have to run zigzag, really ugly. I thought of being under 50 min.; afterwards sitting together with some friends, eating, chatting. Then I started to get out, but was near the microphone of the awards ceremony, where somebody just asked: "Is Thomas Böhmer here or already gone?" I went near the guy, raising my hand, and he said: "Congratulations; you're second in your division!" (60 up) and gave me my certificate. I was so surprised, because I never ever had been in this situation, and now for the first time racing with Chi, I got to 49:18 at the end, which is not so bad for this course.
Isn't this funny?

Certified Chi Running & Chi Walking Instructor, Thomas Böhmer

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