Feeling great with Chi Running - Chi Running

Feeling great with Chi Running

June 1st, 2010

Feeling great with Chi Running

Just wanted to say that after reading Chi Running and trying it for a week, I felt like it finally "clicked", and I cannot even remember how to run the old way (which I did faithfully for over 20 years). The only caution I have is for Southwest trail runners: when you come around the corner and are surprised by a rattlesnake on the trail, you won't be ready to do a quick vertical leap! smile Oh, one other thing...I was fast before I hit puberty (I could outrun every kid in my school, including 8th grade boys, except one). Then suddenly my hips widened--and suddenly my speed went down because of the mechanics. Frustrating!! Somehow Chi Running seems to eliminate or at least ameliorate the female wide-hip mechanical stress. I'm not sure, but it seems as if "not reaching forward with the legs" keeps one from having to compensate for the wide-angle hips as much. It feels great. I think if and when I master the new technique, I will be a whole lot faster. I look forward to doing my next marathon with this technique. In the meantime, my legs feel like I've been getting massages every day. At 45 I was starting to worry about aches and pains. Seems too good to be true! Thanks for your hard work and kindly approach.


Shandelle H.

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A Chi Running Love Letter

Frank and I attended the week long Chi Running program in June. We have been diligently practicing our Chi Running form and are loving it. 

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