Enjoying Life's Journey with Chi Running - Chi Running

Enjoying Life’s Journey with Chi Running

February 11th, 2011

Enjoying Life’s Journey with Chi Running

I found Chi Running right at the perfect time in my life. I started running about a year ago, but quickly took each race and time as a goal rather than the journey. It was very much the way I was living my life. Reading the book and attending Ryan Miller's workshop was a turning point in my running, which aligned perfectly with the other transformations happening in my life at the same time.

My physical, spiritual, emotional and now running transformations all converged meeting at the same point. Living in the present moment, being mindful, and having a strong core - physically, emotionally & spiritually.

I like that I no longer compartmentalize my running to use as an escape, but to enhance my relationships, all my relationships in my life. Chi Running alone did not do this, but Chi Running and the universal laws that are present in Chi Running can be applied everywhere.

Thank you Katherine, for your work, for Danny's work and for being open to this balance. It is funny because I think many runners find you (like me) with injuries looking for quick fixes. "Help me change my form." But leave with, "Wow, this is a paradigm shift." There's a click, like solving a rubics cube. It no longer becomes about running or form but about life. Truly profound, especially when we runners can become so narcissistic and self-absorbed.

Thank you for reminding me that running, that life, is a gift.

Christy Z.

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