ChiRunner Finished Marine Corps Marathon While Pushing Race Wheelchair - Chi Running

ChiRunner Finished Marine Corps Marathon While Pushing Race Wheelchair

December 13th, 2013

ChiRunner Finished Marine Corps Marathon While Pushing Race Wheelchair

During this season of thankfulness and gratitude, I wanted to send this email to Danny Dreyer and his staff.

Below is a link to a video my husband made in tribute of Richard Batiste and me.  Richard allowed me the honor of running with and for him while pushing him in a road race wheelchair at the Marine Corps Marathon.

This was my 2nd marathon using ChiRunning techniques,  since I began running in December of 2012, I have only used the ChiRunning techniques and the 24 week beginners program.

I finished this marathon without even a blister, injury free in the time frame I had trained for.

Richard and I had never run together till the day before the marathon (2 miles) because he lives in California and I live in New Hampshire. (see for more information on Richard and my journey).

I am truly blessed that my husband discovered Danny Dreyer and ChiRunning/ChiWalking over 2 years ago and gave it to me for Christmas. Running and walking injury free has saved my life!

I emailed Whitney requesting if I may attend the Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking course this May 2014 in NC.  And look forward to meeting Danny and all of you.

December 2011 I took a Workshop with Jill Murphy and then another workshop with Vince Vaccaro April of 2012, and ran my first marathon in Vermont.  I also met with Vince this past August on running techniques to run with a race wheelchair.  They have been awesome coaches and leaders, so supportive and Vince encouraged me the entire time providing the belief and support I needed in running while pushing a wheelchair, as I was not going to let Richard down nor myself.

Here is the heartfelt video my husband made.

Thank you again so very much!

Lynn P.

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