10 year Fan and Marathon Chi Runner - Chi Running

10 year Fan and Marathon Chi Runner

October 21st, 2010

I have been a fan for 10 years. I met you at San Francisco Marathon and helped you do a workshop at the Big Sur Marathon Expo. I attended one of those 20 minute Chi Running introductions there. All the practices made sense and they got me to tune into the body sensations. Then I bought the CD and book. I watched the postures and listened to the cd on my iphone while running. I have continued to practice the lift off rather than push off on the rear foot, focusing on my elbows rather than my hands, mostly the breath though. Always returning to the breath. I wear a heart rate monitor to see if I can run a steady pace and simultaneously lower my pulse. It helps me relax. I love the marathon distance. I allows a great program for training. I like to do 4-6 per year. One of the most enjoyable sensations for me is to relax while in mid air. I know the feeling of flight. It seems like there is more time in mid air than any other part of the stride.

One of my successes is that I have run 67 marathons. The last 59 have been since 2000. Chi Running has helped me remain injury free. My knees no longer get destroyed by the long distances. My goal, which is now very achievable, is to finish 70 marathons by my 70th birthday. I have 8 years to reach that, so I'll probably reach that by next year instead of 8 years from now (I'm 62).

Here is a photo of me at mile 25 of the Big Sur International Marathon.

Dave D., California


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