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Competitors know that good technique is the foundation for success in every athletic endeavor. Biomechanically correct running technique increases speed and efficiency over any distance while reducing injuries and recovery time.

With the pain-free ChiRunning technique, performance runners will become allies with two significant forces: the pull of gravity and the force of the road coming at you. You’ll discover a speed that endures any distance as you tap into the deep reserves of your core muscles and allow your legs to relax more at higher speeds. Whether you’re just off the bike in a triathlon, at mile 18 of a marathon, or running the fastest 5K of your life, you’ll relish the newfound ease of running faster with less effort and without fear of injury.

Our Intermediate Half Marathon and Marathon training programs will condition your body and prepare your mind for whatever comes your way, ensuring you’ll run your best race possible. Run steep hills and winding trails effortlessly with our Hills Made Easy or Hills & Trails DVDs. With ChiRunning, you really can achieve your performance goals by running smarter, not harder.

“I took the workshop on September 10, 2011, the day before the Chicago Half-Marathon. I altered my style in that race, turning up as the gun went off, being poorly prepared, but still setting a 2-min PR. Four weeks later, I shaved another 5 1/2 minutes off my PR, recording 1:23:49, then another six weeks later, set a marathon PR of 3:08:08 at Philly, qualifying for Boston and smashing my previous PR by almost 26 minutes. Everything Danny teaches in the book, DVD and workshop makes perfect sense.” – Mick, Chicago

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