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At Chi Living, we're all about community. Please see the resources below, all designed to help you get and stay connected healthfully.

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Each month, we send two free e-newsletters to our customers and clients. We share tips and advice, new breakthroughs and ideas with the Chi Walking and Chi Running techniques, as well as updates about new products, workshops and events. Read our current newsletter or sign up!



With various topics for walkers and runners, this Instructor-moderated Community Forum is just the right environment to ask the questions you have about technique, form or training, connect with other fitness enthusiasts, and browse the hundreds of topics and conversations. 


Our blogs, written by Danny Dreyer and many Certified Instructors, give you a glimpse into the running and walking practices of our trainers. Read along as each Instructor recounts his/her experiences with technique and form, training, coaching, visualization, Body Sensing, Gradual Progress and more.

Race Listings

Want to sign up for a race, but don't know where to start? Our comprehensive Race Listings page gives you a state-by-state, chronological look at various marathons and half marathons around the country.

Asheville Corner

Whether you're a local, or in town visiting, our Asheville Corner page gives you the latest updates on our workshops, free-talks and weekly walks/runs. Come out and join us!

A Chi Running Love Letter image

A Chi Running Love Letter

I am 51 years old and always wanted to be a runner (even had recurring dreams about running), but I always walked so heavy that when I ran even for 3 minutes, I invariably got shin splints. My boss told me about Chi Running and I downloaded the book on to my Nook ...

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