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In 3 years, there was never a time that I was pain-free. I made the decision to live with the pain, and for the most part, I tolerated it, but injury was always lurking around the corner. I tried 3 different ortho docs, 3 chiropractors, 4 PTs and a partridge in a pear tree, and they all gave me the same answer: “You’re just not a distance runner … give it up.”

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I am 41 years old, and yesterday I ran my 19th marathon. My best time is 2:57 which was 20 years ago. I stopped running for about 10 years but started up again about 4 years ago. In this new ‘age’ for me, my best race was 3 years ago with a 3:29, which left me totally drained. … Yesterday, I ran the Austin Marathon hoping to qualify for Boston (below 3:20) and, being really concentrated on my ChiRunning, I made it !!! (3:19:26)

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You’ve shown me how to run in a way that is fun and doesn’t hurt. Currently, I’ve run as far as 4.5 miles at a 14:30-some pace AND feel really good at the end of it. Not bad for a 330 pound guy, huh?

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