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What others are saying...

THANK YOU for all your great advice, from the Chi, body looseners, body position, heels up, lean forward, land on your full foot, pre-race tips, and pre-race diet. They all worked together so I could have a great race on a very challenging day and course!! Without your book I never would have completed a marathon by my 50 birthday. Best of all, I feel I will be able to completely run a marathon later this year before my birthday.

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Using your principles, I had one of the best races of my life – cut my finish time down to a 9:46 pace, with no real pain or aches the next day. ChiRunning has reinvigorated my runs & will be a central part of my running life for years to come.

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My knees and lower back have always bothered me and the prospect of running on asphalt/concrete was enough to bring me to tears. I could run on unforgivable surfaces once per week then spend the next 3-4 days recovering with no activity. Now, with ChiRunning, I have gone on 2 hour runs a few times and played tennis or spin class the same day with little or no pain. I attribute all of this to ChiRunning.

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