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What others are saying...

It just so happened I was reading “Born to Run” which led me to reading Danny’s ChiRunning book which made me give running one more try. I have to say that I have never felt better, no problems with my calves and have been running steady since then. So much so that I just completed my 1st ever marathon…

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I want to thank Danny and all of the ChiRunning instructors who ran the great ChiRunning workshop at Kripalu – in Spring 2008. I am a lifelong  runner who long ago resigned myself to running in pain…

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I owe it to ChiRunning.  If I hadn’t read your book, I would have been finished after the 400 meter dash.  I am going to read it again and use the principles in my coaching.  I told everyone I talked to at the meet about ChiRunning and I’m sure there will be some converts after my “miraculous recovery.”

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