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I went from 2 miles to 5 miles, simply because there was no pain stopping me. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was. I was afraid I would wake up the next day with the shin pain, but I didn’t! Two days later, I ran again! No pain!


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It was not hard to pick up and I gradually could run longer and longer with less and less pain in my knees and calves. Now, eight months later, I am able to run for literally hours with little or no recovery time. I never used to run with a watch, but now my girlfriend makes me, because I’ll lose track of time…

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After 21 years as a Sports Podiatrist specializing in running injuries and thousands of exams a year, I thought I had seen it all. Then a patient came in who, after taking a ChiRunning class, looked like a different runner…

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