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Danny,Read the first 5 chapters and practiced positions/focuses.(I had the advantage of pretty good posture already) Went for the same run on another day1) Astounded at the speed2) Astounded at the ease of running3) NO SHIN SPLINTS – in fact, I went for the same run the next morning(Sunday) and NO SHIN SPLINTS today either(Monday)!! …

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I had dreamed for years of being able to run distance at will and at ease, without it having an impact on my lifestyle. Running is now part of my life and no longer a crippling chore.

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Even though we were on a good path, we knew we needed more exercise.  Now we are all much happier, have more energy, and are making it a point to invest in our health everyday.  ChiRunning has done so much for my family, and taught me so much about life…

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