Hills & Trails DVD

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Hills & Trails DVD


Don’t dread hills or trails! Enjoy their beauty and challenge with the Hills & Trails DVD. Purchase either the Digital DVD or the Physical & Digital DVD.

Digital DVD

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Physical & Digital DVD

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(from a Boston Marathon first-timer) “Heartbreak Hill and the other famed hills of Newton were no match for Danny’s ChiRunning hill climbing techniques. I passed many runners who were walking or limping…It was an unbelievable experience…You changed my life in so many priceless ways…” – Maggie L.

Eliminate the strain and struggle that can come with running hills and trails. Conserve energy, prevent injury, and enjoy the views from the top pain-free!

When you purchase this physical DVD, you will also receive a digital DVD, which allows immediate access to stream and download the .mp4 file directly to your computer to view on your devices! (Please note that the physical DVD will be shipped in 2-3 business days.)

The Hills & Trails DVD has two parts: Hills Made Easy and Trail Running.

In the Hills Made Easy lessons, you’ll learn to:

  • Use less leg muscle and make uphill running easier
  • Run downhill with less impact while gaining speed
  • Prevent injury and over-exertion
  • Apply special techniques to steep hills

In the Trail Running lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Effective techniques to be a safe and efficient trail runner
  • Special tactics for steep trails, single-track and V-shaped trails
  • How to buy the best shoes for trail running

*ChiRunning is best learned on flat ground. If you’re new to ChiRunning, study the technique with the ChiRunning book, DVD or a Certified Instructor before practicing on hills or trails.

What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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