Complete ChiMarathon Package

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Complete ChiMarathon Package


Includes ChiMarathon book, ChiRunning DVD, printed Beginner Half Marathon training program, printed Beginner Full Marathon training program, Metronome.

DVD Option: Digital DVD

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DVD Option: Physical DVD

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“ChiMarathon is nothing short of magical…each week I found myself improving my form, my pace…and my enjoyment and confidence. My Chicago Marathon experience on Oct. 7th was the best I could have hoped for.” – Cheryl H.

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Now available to purchase with the digital ChiRunning DVD, which allows immediate access to stream and download the .mp4 file directly to your computer to view on your devices! (Please note that the rest of your order will be shipped in 2-3 business days.)

Train smarter, not harder with ChiMarathon.
Completing a half or full marathon is a great goal, but ChiMarathon makes distance running a life-changing experience. Finish strong, set a personal record, reduce recovery time, and gain the skills to overcome any challenge in running and life.

  • Reduce impact* and risk of injury
  • Learn how to spend your energy wisely to prevent fatigue, improve endurance, and gain speed
  • Become a better runner while you train
  • Feel great during training and at the finish line – no ice baths or pain meds!
This complete ChiMarathon package includes:
  • ChiMarathon by best selling author, ultramarathoner, and ChiRunning creator, Danny Dreyer.
    • Learn how and why ChiRunning works
    • 7-phase training system gives you focus and makes training manageable
    • Guidance to develop a race-specific training plan that will fully prepare you for race day
    • 2012, published by Simon & Schuster; 292 pages
  • ChiRunning DVD – Your essential guide to pain-free running:
    • Stream the digital DVD and/or download it directly to your computer to watch on your portable devices; for $10 more, get the digital DVD and the physical DVD
    • Instill the technique in your body through easy-to-follow lessons, drills and exercises
    • Learn to use gravity to lighten your load, engage your core to rest your legs, and get stronger with each run
    • Gain the skills to reach your goals and run your best for a lifetime
    • Running Time: 64 minutes (NTSC Format)
  • Metronome – Optimizing the number of strides you take each minute during your runs is the key to less fatigue, faster pace, and fewer injuries:
    • Keep a quick, consistent cadence to reduce stress on leg joints and muscles
    • Get faster with less effort
    • Improve efficiency while reducing fatigue
    • Enjoy incredible “aha” moments as your technique transforms
    • Clips onto clothing; size: 2 1/4″L x 2″D x 1″W
  • TWO Complete Training Programs: Beginner Half Marathon & Beginner Full Marathon
    • Learn ChiRunning while you build mileage to make training and racing safer, easier, and pain-free
    • Keep runs interesting with engaging daily workouts that focus on form
    • Perfect for first-time half marathoners and marathoners

What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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