ChiWalk-Run Jumpstart Package

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ChiWalk-Run DVD, Training Program, & Metronome


The safe, easy way to get and stay fit! Package includes ChiWalk-Run Training Program, DVD & Metronome.

Digital DVD & Training Program

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Physical DVD & Training Program

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“I don’t have an excuse anymore. I love exercising and being healthy…I can only see my life improving from here.”  – Kristy C., Chi Walk-Run enthusiast

Now available to purchase with the digital ChiWalk-Run DVD, which allows immediate access to stream and download the .mp4 file directly to your computer to view on your devices! Also, if you choose the digital option, the ChiWalk-Run training program will be in digital PDF form available for download to use online or print. (Please note that the rest of your order will be shipped in 2-3 business days.)

No pain, no gain? No way!

ChiWalk-Run gives you the motivation and confidence to start a fitness routine and stick with it. ChiWalk-Run is a gentle but powerful approach that makes getting fit safe, easy, and fun. Perfect for those who want to start a fitness program, lose weight, or come back from an injury stronger than ever.

ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with running to create a ground-breaking technique that takes the pain and injury out of running. You don’t need to know a thing about T’ai Chi for this technique to work wonders for you. Save your knees, feel light on your feet, and enjoy your workouts.

Training Program:

Walk-run a 5K in just 8 weeks:

  • Get daily workouts that keep you motivated and pain-free
  • Take walk breaks to decrease fatigue while building endurance
  • Reduce impact* to prevent injuries so you can stay on the track to fitness
  • Burn fat, tone your muscles, and boost your energy
  • Look & feel great! 
ChiWalk-Run DVD:

Watch how easy fitness can be. DVD highlights:

  • Stream the digital DVD and/or download it directly to your computer to watch on your portable devices, or, for $10 more, get the digital DVD and the physical DVD
  • See ChiWalking and ChiRunning in action and learn how to safely transition between the two
  • Instill the techniques in your body through easy-to-follow lessons, drills and exercises
  • Master hills with the Chi techniques


Make running and walking easy with a consistent cadence:

  • Reduce stress on leg joints and muscles
  • Improve efficiency while reducing fatigue
  • Enjoy incredible “aha” moments as your technique transforms
  • Clips onto clothing; size: 2 1/4”L x 2”D x 1”W
  • Includes volume control, clock, memory function, and lithium battery

 ChiWalk-Run makes all your fitness goals possible. Walk-run a marathon, or start a run-only program if you choose. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

“As a physician, athlete and expert in fitness, I recommend the ChiWalk-Run program for anyone who wants to get active and experience safe, fun walking and running.” -Pam Peeke MD, MPH, FACP, National spokesperson, American College of Sports Medicine’s Exercise IS Medicine campaign, Chief Lifestyle Expert WebMD

*2012 scientific study confirms ChiRunning reduces impact. Click here for study results.

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What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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