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ChiMarathon Book: The Breakthrough Natural Running Program for a Pain-Free Half Marathon and Marathon


Cross your first marathon off your bucket list. Set a personal record at your half marathon. Run your best race ever with the ChiMarathon book.

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The information contained in ChiMarathon is nothing short of magical…each week I found myself improving my form, my pace…and my enjoyment and confidence. My Chicago Marathon experience on Oct. 7th was the best I could have hoped for.” – Cheryl Hansen

Train smarter, not harder with ChiMarathon.

Traditional training strategy is to run, run and run some more to build mileage. Completing the distance is a great goal, but ChiMarathon will help you do so much more. Finish strong, set a personal record, minimize recovery time, and do it all injury-free and with a smile.

ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with running to create a ground-breaking technique that takes the pain and injury out of running. You don’t need to know a thing about T’ai Chi for this technique to work wonders for you.

  • Reduce impact* and risk of injury
  • Learn how to spend your energy wisely to prevent fatigue, improve endurance, and gain speed
  • Become a better runner while you train
  • Feel great during training and at the finish line – no ice baths or pain meds!

The most innovative book on marathon training: Written by bestselling author, ultramarathoner, and ChiRunning creator, Danny Dreyer. ChiMarathon highlights:

  • Learn how and why ChiRunning works
  • 7-phase training system gives you focus and makes training manageable
  • Guidance to develop a race-specific training plan that will fully prepare you for race day
  • Includes our technique-based Beginner half and full marathon training programs
  • 2012, published by Simon & Schuster; 292 pages


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What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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