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Join our free Online ChiRunning & ChiWalking Community to connect, share, and inspire each other!

When you join the Community you will get access to:

  • Content, content and more content
  • Certified Instructors 24/7. Ask questions and get advice about your ChiRunning & ChiWalking practice
  • Network opportunities with ChiRunners, ChiWalkers, and Certified Instructors from all over the world.
  • Find ChiRunners, ChiWalkers, Certified Instructors near you.
  • Monthly Guest Speaker presentations. Be inspired by Instructors, athletes, and special guests from the fitness world. 
  • Product Discounts: 35% off Noxgear Products, 25% off Team Zealios Products, 20% off Digital Courses in the community

Bonus: Get Access to the 5-Day Know Your Body Better Challenge: 

This challenge will inspire and engage you with your current running form. The more you know about how you’re currently moving, the easier it will be to make changes, should you need to. This Challenge Includes 5 videos with a downloadable Check In Check List for each day. 

Here is what members are saying when we asked what they like about being members of the community: 

I like knowing that there are others out there doing what I am doing, working on our ChiRunning and supporting each other – it does feel a like a community and right now that’s important” Laurel F 

“Allows for perspectives you wouldn’t normally have a chance to see” Jeff C 

“I love the feeling of belonging in a universe of great running and self improvement, where everyone has a story that inspires everyone else.” Carolina PS 

“It’s good to see that we are all trying to live healthier, run better, and that we can all motivate each other by sharing experiences.” Sunny C 

Hop on in and get connected!!!


What others are saying...

My first marathon took me 6 hours. My second took me 6 hours and 3 minutes. My third only lasted 19 miles. And then someone on the bus told me about ChiRunning.

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