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10 Components of Good Running Technique supports you at any level of fitness

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No matter what kind of runner you are, 10 Components of Good Running Technique will help you run better than ever:
  • Beginner Runners will learn the basic focuses for healthy and sustainable running
  • Mid-Pack Runners can improve their technique and float through the crowd on race day
  • Performance-Minded Runners get the tips and tricks they need to take their running to the next level and leave competition in the dust
  • Frustrated Runners will get the tools they need to break through their running challenges and renew their running practice
  • Injured Runners will learn best practices for managing existing injuries and preventing new ones

What others are saying...

Within 5 days of turning 71 years,  I completed my first half marathon at the Snoqualamie Valley Half in Carnation, WA. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined running such a distance. However, with Chi Running, the Half Marathon Training Book and religiously following 16 weeks of training rain or shine, I did it!

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