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Certified Since November 2017
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Todd Walker

Todd believes the ChiRunning method inspires a great life recipe: Quality of Movement = Quality of Life! He became certified as a ChiRunning/ ChiWalking instructor in November of 2017.

Throughout Todd’s youth, running came naturally as he romped through the hills of Western Massachusetts with the neighborhood “pack”. He overcame debilitating asthma in spite of and because of running. Running continued as a source of power, steadying chapters of his adult life to this day. As family life tilted front and center, he would get the kids to bed, don a headlamp, tether the dogs and run for the hills to his “happy place”… call it endorphins, call it bliss, call it what you will… were it not for chi-running, he would scarcely venture there!

A tale too common to runners.. Todd had to shut it down in the midst of a cold winter trail run when he became all too aware of his searing achilles tendon. He ate his “slice of humble pie”, with the inner-knowing that an injury is a signpost. Donned with Danny Dreyer’s book, and the ensuing experimentation, he reframed these limitations as opportunities. Todd applied the “smarter not harder” motto and in short-time, roamed these Blue Ridge Mountains again.

Since 1995, Todd has worked with students and clients to address the fix “from the inside out”; to reset the conditions for health to thrive. As he tackles orthopedics as a specialty at his clinic: Pathways Wellness Center: Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Orthopedic Care, the ChiRunning/ ChiWalking methods shine as a tool for his clients. Todd’s goal is to keep folks walking and running the right way; efficiently and injury-free for their entire lives. In working with kids and adults, the inspiration afforded by Chi-Running/ Walking is limitless; His 12 and 9 yr olds donning “sister-team” 1st place medals after their 1st race= living proof of this!

Whether it be with eager students, solo, with his dogs, his kids (eager students) or his running buddies, Todd loves to run! As a ChiRunning Instructor, he finds no greater joy than in helping adults reclaim their inner child through running with ease and joy! He runs for the community, wonder and power, half-marathons, trail runs, 12ks,10ks, 5ks, Spartan and Tough Mudder events. Chi-running has even nudged him into the top 15-20% of his age group. What’s more is that all of these skills (efficiency, injury prevention, balance, alignment, etc) are so darned applicable to life.. to teaching/ coaching kids.. to parenting.. to finding a flow in an active life! Todd is most eager to share the practical tools of ChiRunning/ Walking with any who are lucky and wise enough to seek it.

In addition to being the founder of Pathways Wellness Center: Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Orthopedic Care, Todd has been a partner at Asheville Community Acupuncture since 2009, where they have been recognized by Mountain Xpress “best of” for 8 of 9 yrs running. He holds a Masters in Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions in Asheville, NC and a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire. He lives and plays in Black Mountain, NC with his wife and three daughters.
Reach Todd at, email: 828.230.2131

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