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Channel Isles, the South of England and Scotland

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Certified Since April 2012
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Stuart Hardie

Stuart is a rugby man, now only a supporter, formerly supporter, player and coach. During his rugby playing days his only foray into distance running was to complete the Glasgow marathon when he was 40. But in 2011 at the age of 65 he ran the equivalent of 40 marathons in 40 days starting at John o’ Groats at the top of Scotland, finishing at Land’s End, the south west tip of England … a total of 1044 miles.

When preparing for his marathons challenge he read about forefoot striking, thought it made sense and tried to change his running style with quite catastrophic results. His cadence was wrong. He was too upright and was overstriding. He would break down after only a few miles and would have to walk home. It seemed that every training run ended the same way. It is not recorded how he was introduced to ChiRunning but he did as you may have done … he Googled it! He then looked for, found, arranged for and got instruction from a Certified ChiRunning Instructor. That session transformed the way he ran. He truly believes that without that instruction he would not have achieved all that he achieved last year!

On his journey through the UK Stuart so astounded the sports therapists who looked after him with his stamina, performance and avoidance of injury that they insisted he go to America to qualify as a Certified ChiRunning Instructor. In the US Stuart learnt from Master Instructor Mary Lindahl and the excellent Chi Living team there. Since America he has been lucky enough to assist Master Instructor Catherina McKiernan in Ireland and he recently achieved Certified Instructor status.

Now his passion is to help transform novice and experienced runners and walkers to a style that puts form first, that is energy efficient and cuts down on injuries, that has them relaxing their way down the road rather than muscling their way there. A running/walking style that works with the forces around us rather than against them.

Stuart is working with individuals and groups customising sessions to suit the needs of clients attending. If you think he can help you achieve what you are looking for from your running or walking you might want to give him a call.

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