Shanthi Jayarajah

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Certified Since March 2021
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Shanthi Jayarajah

Shanthi Jayarajah is a registered clinical counsellor, as well as a certified personal trainer.  She has been working in both fields for over 8 years, and is passionate about finding ways to combine these fields to help others connect with inner strengths, challenge themselves both physically and mentally, and achieve holistic wellness. Running has been an important and gratifying part of Shanthi’s life for many years.


Shanthi very much enjoys applying these principles of Chi Running to her own marathon training. She loves being a Chi Running Instructor because it provides a way to use running as a therapeutic tool to fully experience the present moment, and to enhance our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strength.

Workshops and Private Sessions with Shanthi Jayarajah

ChiActive Workshop and ChiAthalon- August 14th, 2021, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC, Canada… Learn the techniques of Chi Running and Chi Walking. Experience Mindful High Intensity Interval Training. Integrate tools from yoga to empower your body and mind on and off the mat. Morning of instruction followed by an afternoon experiential Chi-Athalon.

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