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Scott Seeberger

Over a decade ago a friend of mine gave me a book titled ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer. I packed it into my deployment and began reading it a couple days later.
As soon as I finished the first chapter, I knew this was it. The more I read, the more he reinforced my thoughts on running. It was the run reverse engineered! He addressed every current running issue I had. I began implementing his focuses and techniques when I returned home.
Later, I decided to take a week course hosted by Danny. During the course, I realized Danny Dreyer had created a method of running far more focused and advanced than anything I had experienced in the last fifteen years of running.
As a program fitness manager for the U.S. Antarctic program, I began sharing what I learned with individuals and small groups of military members struggling to complete physical standard testing. I was also joined by experienced runners who were looking to “Dial in” their technique.
For the people that were disciplined enough to apply these techniques, positive results were immediate. For those who did not apply the techniques, the outcome was predictable.
I have since retired from government service and serve now as Senior Training Partner for Redpoint Training instructing both military members and civilians. Our focus is on movement quality over quantity or volume. We initially focus on seven basic movements. The run is the seventh.
I became a certified instructor because running is a vital movement skill. I saw running as a skill, not an exercise.
Through research, I found most Americans were plagued with faulty movement patterns due to modern lifestyles. This directly translates to running imbalances, over compensations, energy bleeds, and overuse injuries. Danny Dreyer’s method not only identifies every deficiency, but provides solutions.

“Always simple, but not always easy.”

I found overriding unconsciously programmed faulty patterns takes time. But the payoff is big.

Our motto- ”Do what you love to do- Better.” (your welcome to add- Longer!).

Our training programs scale from young adults to seniors. If you are unconditioned, a recreational, or serious runner, we just might have something for you.

Train Smart,

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