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Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, Senior ChiRunning®/Chi Walking® Instructor, was personally trained by Danny Dreyer, the founder of these two revolutionary techniques and Vince Vaccaro a Master ChiRunning®/Chi Walking® Instructor.

Sarah has been a runner for most of her life, running cross-country and track in high school. Since then she has completed countless 5K and10k races, and multiple half-marathon and full marathon events. She ran for fun, to be a part of a community, and for meditative qualities. Running was her freedom. In 2007 Sarah encountered her first serious injury, which put her on the sidelines for a few years and sent her world into a tailspin.

Taking a workshop with Danny instantly put Sarah on the road to recovery. After discovering ChiRunning®/Chi Walking®, Sarah solidified her mind-body connection and listened to her body’s signals and let them guide her progress. If her hamstring spoke, she adjusted and it felt better. If her ankle tired, she adjusted and it felt better. When her hip ached, she adjusted and it felt better. Sarah fell in love with her practice again, and is injury free, running half-marathons again. The meditative quality of running and the process of body sensing brought her back to life.

ChiRunning®/Chi Walking® made such an impact on Sarah’s life that she knew she had to learn it and teach it to others. It is Sarah’s deepest desire to share ChiRunning®/Chi Walking® with other runners and walkers. Sarah wants to help others feel the comfort and grace that running and walking can bring to their lives and experience ease in their body as they move effortlessly toward reaching their fitness goals.

In 2017, Sarah became a Best Selling author of her book, From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner’s Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime. This motivational book helps frustrated runners transform their relationship with running by maximizing their efforts and mastering their mindset.

Sarah works with all ability athletes and non-athletes. She travels the US teaching workshops and offers coaching to individuals and small groups. If you are an individual or have a group interested in learning ChiRunning® or Chi Walking®, contact Sarah at: Sarah@RiseAndShine.Run or call 802-522-3000.

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