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Sadhna Maroo

I started my sporting life playing badminton, squash, table-tennis and now tennis and golf. Running came relatively late into my life but better late than never!
I have Indian heritage and was born in Nairobi, Kenya – yes, the home of numerous distance and marathon winners and runners! I, too wish I could run like those super-efficient runners, but it’s not in my blood! However, the closest I came to or my claim was when I represented the country at playing table-tennis at the All-Africa Games; the Commonwealth Games and the World Games! For a few years I was a table-tennis coach for primary school kids. After completing University education in England, I migrated to Perth, W Australia.
I recently ran my first half marathon and hope to run more from hereon. I have been running 5 to 8 to 10 Km on a daily basis in beautiful Perth. Whilst nursing a plantar fasciitis on my right foot, I stumbled upon an article about ChiRunning in the papers and started following it and at the earliest opportunity I attended a workshop in San Francisco on my visit to the US. I was quite keen to do the Instructor Training after that but felt I needed to work more on my own technique. Subsequently, I participated in Chiweek with Danny Dreyer and the ChiLiving Team!
Soon after I was fortunate enough to attend the Instructor Training and am thoroughly enjoying what I have learnt from the course and now teaching students in all age groups and the pleasure is mine when the students have Aha moments!!
Running, for me is like brushing my teeth daily and it’s a practice – what better when you can run injury-free and with relative ease and efficiently! I want to run for the rest of my life and I think I can achieve it by using CR technique!
My running is constantly improving and not only does it aid my other sports like tennis and golf but also my general well-being! When I wasn’t a runner I was a little bit sluggish in the various sports I participated in. As a runner, my fitness and stamina have improved tremendously and what a difference it makes. Again, prior to running, keeping my weight under control was a challenge and now I don’t even have to think about it!!
With running, I find all I need is a pair of running shoes and I can run anywhere in the world (I don’t need any other equipment, courts, courses or a partner or players!) And, with the right technique….the world is my oyster!
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner and would like to run efficiently and injury-free, please contact me. One-on-one or group sessions and workshops are the way to go………Happy chi-running and chi-walking!

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