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Certified Since January 1970
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Ruth Farrell

Ruth got into running to keep fit and over the years has ran heaps of road races, half marathons, triathlons, adventure races, NYC Marathon and challenged herself to a personal goal to complete 50 races in her 50th year gaining valuable experience along the way.

She was introduced to ChiRunning® in 2008 and since then her running has transformed, feels totally effortless with much less recuperation required and she still loves the way she’s continuously learning.

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What others are saying...

I have recently completed the chi workshop with Ruth which was excellent. I had been, up to this point a non runner, as I had always assumed that to run meant you had to endure pain.  Ruth taught me an approach which is more mindful of the whole approach, the road your body and your mind.  Ruth is extremely patient and very giving in terms of advice especially to the novice runner.  I cant recommend  Ruth or the course enough. I now have a set of skills I can take forward to make running more fun. Loose yourself and start to run!

Hi Ruth
I was extremely impressed with your workshop as I had read the chi running book years ago but never implemented any of the techniques. After attending your workshop I have much more confidence in attempting the chi running techniques.
You explained everything so clearly and comprehensively in so many different ways which assisted greatly in memorizing the various techniques, it’s now up to me to practice using them! 
I thought your course was exceptionally good value as you imparted so much information both theoretically and practically. I particularly like the fact that you had allocated so much of the time to practical work as this was most beneficial for me. 
Also it was very interesting to look at the video analysis as this helps again in visualizing my faults and areas that particularly need corrections.
It is evident that you are clearly passionate about the benefits of chi running so the ideal instructor.
I would like to see an intermediate follow up course as i fear I may fall into bad habits and also there is so much more to learn.
Thanks so much and I will be booking in my husband for one if your courses.
E. O’Leary.

I began running with the Couch to 5K App this summer and all seem well until the 4k mark when my knees started to play up. A friend recommended Chi Running so I ordered the book but then I felt I needed some personal instruction, so I attended a workshop with Ruth a few weeks ago. It was a very thorough workshop full of precise, clear and incredibly helpful instructions and advice. Ruth is a great teacher, very supportive and generous. I would highly recommend Ruth’s workshop to anyone who wants to enjoy running and liberate themselves from injury holding them back.

“Sitting on a wall in Timoleage after my longest run ever – 7.5k and could have kept going! The furthest ever before your course was 5k and that was a struggle almost every time.
P.S. the views are fab now that I’m not looking at my feet!” 

“What a great workshop! Ruth highlighted the main problems I’ve been experiencing with my running for years and as the day went on I felt improvements and less stress on my body”  

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