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Certified Since February 2021
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Niki Tudge

Niki Tudge MBA, ISSA-Elite Trainer, ISSA- Transformation Coach, ChiWalking & ChiRunning Certified Instructor. Animal Behavior Professional and Accredited Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant.

I have always been a passionate runner and over the past 25 years running has been a continual but sometimes interrupted hobby of mine.  Don’t misunderstand what I mean by runner. I am a slow runner.  Sometimes I run faster but I always run for pleasure. I run to meditate.  I run for ‘me time’. I run to meet my goals.  I run to enjoy nature.  I run to generate ideas and yes, I also run to keep healthy and ahead of my second passion, eating and exploring food.

My professional credentials include; International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified fitness trainer, ISSA certified transformation specialist, nutritional coach and ISSA elite trainer. I am also a certified ChiWalking and ChiRunning coach and I have completed the MAF Foundations’ certificate course.

On another note, and for those who know me from my other coaching role as the founder and president of the Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics Education and The DogSmith, I have substantial leadership experience in business management and administration, particularly in the nonprofit sector, which includes my role as the president of Doggone Safe, a nonprofit educational organization. An area of my expertise and a personal passion is helping pet owners walk and run nicely with thier pets.

Welcome to Steps ‘N Strides, your on-line coaching resource for getting healthier by putting ‘Your Body In Motion at Your Pace’!

No prescribed goals here. No boot camp style training. No ‘in your face’ coaching methods. No ‘my way is the only way’ philosophy.

I am here to help you get healthier and more active by understanding your individual motivations so you can meet any goals you set for yourself and beyond.  Whether you choose a goal of a 10 minute daily walk or if you want to run a marathon, our coaching can help you accomplish your goal in your way.

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