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Certified Since June 2012
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Willem Mücher

Master Instructor – Axe between Cologne (Germany) and Brussels

All my life I have always been active in sports (of which a large part Martial Arts and T’ai Chi), but I also studied quite a bit in philosophy, sociology, psychology, science, meditation, mindfulness, religions and esoterism. I was a piano teacher and musician for 30 years but unfortunately had to quit. Lastly, I’ve always been a handyman with lots of DIY projects and I restored 3 houses. So never a dull moment I guess..

Because of this, a red line has been going through my life, which is finding a balance between the mind, heart & body. All three have their own saying and all three should always be working together.

I started picking up a ChiRunning book in 2009, when I was living in a beautiful place in the French Alps. It also marked a start for me as an ultra-runner. I just loved and still love to explore my own surroundings and new trails! Many people in my local club were constantly getting injured and they considered this to be normal! I started looking for answers: I became a certified instructor in 2012 and a Master Instructor in 2019. 2020 marked my longest distance run as a finisher covered so far in one go: a 500km run in in great self-reliance in the winter in the Belgian Ardennes in very harsh weather conditions. It left a deep impression upon me that I will never forget! The sleep deprivation took me 2 weeks to recover from. Physically though I could run again after 4 days. I did not even have a blister on my feet, but I did get some blue toenails from the many downhills.

I’ve been the race director of a yearly 200km ultra-run event since 2012, that goes through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

I just love to teach or coach and help you to attain your goals!  I am always proud to find a tailor-made solution that solves your problem when there is no standard solution to it. I love to help change someone’s life and learn from my own students as well. I do consider one another as fully equals.

I am used to speak different languages and I’ve always been in an international surrounding, which is why I can teach ChiRunning in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian. I mainly teach on the axe between the cities of Cologne and Brussels.

 Overview of my official ultras here, see my blog for some race reports.

I still do regular interval trainings and I can still run a 10k in 40 minutes. I just rarely participate in (for me) short races. I personally prefer to remember where I’ve ran and what I’ve seen rather than just remembering my time when running in nature.

 See you around!! Willem

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