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Certified Since August 2011
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Lucretia Ausse

After a 25 year break from running, I came back fast and hard. Within 9 months, I ran a hilly, rural 20-mile road race. Within 4 hours of finishing, both of my legs seized and I was left with plantar faciitis in both feet, that steadily increased in severity over the next year. Being stubborn (and after my doctor’s advice that I curtail my running), I continued to run with a “no pain, no gain” approach while taking Aleve to manage my pain which allowed me to move somewhat normally. When the pain started radiating up to my knees and hips, in desperation I did an internet search for “pain free running” and ChiRunning was the first result. I attended a workshop a month later and my running life was changed for the best, forever. That was 2006 and I’ve had no recurrence of plantar faciitis since. The ChiRunning form not only altered my technique; it changed my focus from short-term goals to a lifelong practice. I run for the joy of it, and teach the same way. Whether you’re interested in just beginning to run, or you’re coming back after a break, or would like to run with more ease and no injuries, this is where to start. It’s never too late to experience the joy of running.

If you are committed to walking and would like to bring your practice to a whole new level, we can work together, too. The ChiWalking form is integral to ChiRunning, and is a mindful and fluid technique that will lighten your step and spirit.

I will work with you to tailor the instruction to your personal needs and schedule. Workshops are kept small to provide lots of personal attention.

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