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Certified Since October 2009
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Lisa Pozzoni

Lisa Pozzoni never thought she would be a runner! But one day in 2008, one of her personal training clients told her to read the ChiRunning book and the rest is history. She immediately decided to become an Instructor.
Her goal is to help existing runners continue their passion without injury. Lisa also loves to teach beginners the right way to run so they avoid injury and make running a lifelong fitness habit.

Lisa completed her first marathon on 2/19/2012, her 41st birthday.

“I would’ve never considered it if weren’t for ChiRunning! It’s changed my life in so many ways and I love to share it with people”.

Thanks to this, her longest run so far is 62 miles. She is now an ultra runner and also received our first Instructor of the Year Award in 2018!

Lisa is very active in the community on many levels. Her passion is combining ChiWalking and ChiRunning with charities. “It’s a win-win when you are training for an event. You are getting healthy and giving back at the same time!”
Her 3-Day Breast Cancer Team, Las Bombas, won biggest team and team that raised the most money several years in a row. Year to date they have raised over $750K for Susan G Komen. In 2012 she walked 100 miles for Marriage Equality in Arizona.  Lisa was on the Board of Directors for Girls On The Run Maricopa County from 2015-2018.  She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has held several leadership roles in her area with Toastmasters.

Lisa is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is the Organizer for Running for Brews Tempe.

She is the owner of The Running University. Visit for more information. You can download her free ebook:  15 Steps for the Beginner Beginner ™ Runner, Easy and Practical How To’s for the ‘Newbie’, ‘Could Be’, ‘Sort Of’ or ‘Reluctant Runner’

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What others are saying...

I had a private session with Lisa Pozzoni to improve my form so I don’t annoy that IT now that I am cleared. I have never been great at utilizing my arms properly and my shoulders are tight. At one point we tried keeping cadence not based on footfall, but when I actively pull the elbows back and allow them to resume neutral position on their own. Bingo! I am finally engaging my arms reliably and release the tension in the shoulders. It made all the difference today. I had faster 5Ks on the treadmill, but this could be a PR for road. I did not mean to, but it was so easy.


I participated in my first ChiRunning clinic with you in January, hoping to learn new things to help me run easier for the rest of my life. I didn’t mention any specific injury, however, for many years I’ve had toe problems (sever blistering) on my right foot for any length of run. This involved wearing band-aids, tape and mole skin to help with the blisters, but nothing ever solved the problem. The blisters and overall pain had become so extreme, I was wishing I could have two toes amputated! Crazy, but seriously, it was very bad! After the ChiRunning class and learning about my heel strike and mid-foot placement, I had a brand new running experience. My toe problem was solved! No pain, no blisters, no toe problems!! No need for band-aids, no tape, nothing at all!! YOU and ChiRunning have been an amazing life changer! Thank you!!
~ Kendra

I have had one of the most enjoyable running weeks I can remember in a long time. I have started to think of myself only as a climber of hills, and tried looking for only races to the top. Running downhill has been uncomfortable, mostly because I have been focused on how I run downhill, and the parts of my body that don’t like it. A week ago I did a chi hills running clinic with the fabulous Ms Lisa Pozzoni. Just a few reminders and practice and I felt that freedom again of letting go and flying downhill. Since then I am actually excited when I come to a downhill section. I just want to share this experience because as someone who has struggled with injury for the past 3 years, having someone look at my running form is a huge help. Now… at least I’ll be ready for that short downhill to finish up at Crown King. The Running University


I ran the back 7 miles slightly faster than the first six, and mile 13 was the fastest of the last seven. I actually remembered to do all my looseners and take my electrolytes etc right before the start. I remembered and used most of my form focuses and resisted the urge to run ‘faster than I should’ after walk breaks. I was actually able to keep my heart rate in control by varying my pace. The pre-race taper worked really well – I felt fueled, hydrated and strong during the race – I still had energy left at the end of the race. Despite just barely missing my course PR, I’m considering this my ‘best’ half marathon to date. I think I’m going to crush that 2 hour goal once I master using the techniques and proper strategy all at the same time on race day! Thank you Lisa – You Rock! Hugs!


You are such a blessing Lisa and you can add to anyone’s running journey – I love your approach, your style and your love for what you do – like I’ve said in the past you teach us to enjoy the journey and that is the most important thing we can learn ?

~ Becky

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