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Certified Since November 2014
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Lisa Holloway

I enjoy helping folks develop their ChiRunning and CHI Walking Skills. As a retired fire department instructor I have always enjoyed instructing and being part of that “AH HA” moment when someone finally gets it. The enjoyment I experience when Chi Walking and ChiRunning is something I want to share with others so that they will get their own “Ah HA” moment. I teach classes in the Inland Empire, Temecula, North County, San Diego, and the Coachella Valley. I also provide private lessons, video analysis, and virtual coaching. If workshop dates do not work for you consider doing a privatel lesson for the same amount as a workshop registration. I also am available for virtual coaching via Final Surge. Free clinics can be scheduled for groups and well as group discounts for workshops are available. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am here to help you discover how ChiRunning will change the way you run for the better.

All levels of runners are welcome to join me in Temecula year round and also in the winter months in Palm Desert for free running meet ups. Check “Events” to get dates and times.

You can also follow me on the following social networking sites for more frequent fitness/running tips.

Fitness Certifications

ChiRunning ChiWalking Certified Instructor April 2014

Certified ASFA Running Fitness Instructor 2017

Senior ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor January 2018

Certified Original Strength Coach 2019


ChiRunning/ChiWalking Experience 

Certified CR/CW Instructor 2014

Attended CR/CW Instructors Weekend 11/15

Assisted Danny Dreyer (founder) Phoenix 2/15

Assisted Danny Dreyer San Diego 11/15

Assisted Danny Dreyer  Washington DC 10/16

Assisted Danny Dreyer CR/CW Instructor Workshop Asheville 4/17

Assisted Danny Dreyer Los Angeles 10/17

Senior Certified CR/CW Instructor 1/18

Assisted Danny Dreyer Salt Lake City  7/18

Assisted Danny Dreyer Phoenix 10/18

Attended CR/CW Instructors Weekend 11/18

Assisted Danny Dreyer CR/CW Instructor Workshop Asheville 9/19

Workshops and Private Sessions with Lisa Holloway

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What others are saying...

Jan 8, 2019
Thanks for the great class this past Saturday. We really enjoyed it! I also appreciate your video analysis of our running and walking styles

Sept 8, 2018
Excellent communication skills. Easy to learn from.

Jan 8, 2019
Thank you for Video Analysis.
I am glad to have taken your class.
Now the work begins.
You are a wonderful Chi Instructor.

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