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Los Gatos, California

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Certified Since January 2020
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Lisa Decker

Lisa is the owner of Aligned Fitness in Los Gatos, California.  She has a foundation in athletic training, postural therapy, biomechanics, corrective exercise, spinal decompression, and energy medicine.  She specializes in postural analysis and alignment for chronic pain symptoms.  Lisa  has participated in multiple trail races including completing a 100 mile event injury free.  She has a master’s degree in human movement and a three year certification in Medical QiGong.  With this background in postural therapy and qigong, in combination with her love of running, getting certified in Chi Running was a natural progression.  Her goal is to help others run safely and pain free without limitations.

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Education and Certifications

MS Human Movement

PAS (Postural Alignment Specialist with Egoscue institute)

CAMQ (Certified Advanced Medical Qigong Practitioner)

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

CES (Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist)

PES (Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist)

Certified Foundation Training Instructor

Certified Chi Running Instructor

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