Lee Smith MSc, BSc (hons), BACR, CRDIT, CRIT

Yorkshire/North England


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Certified Since June 2010
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Lee Smith MSc, BSc (hons), BACR, CRDIT, CRIT

My job entails driving my ever growing list of clients towards thier fitness goals, whether it be fat/weight-loss, muscular toning or recuperation from injury/illness and/or general health improvements. My clients range from 14 years to well into their 80’s.

– I possess both relevant academic and fitness industry qualifications as well as relevant experience. This includes experience with numerous professional sporting clubs and health-related conditional management groups, such as cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

– I have specialized in strength conditioning and muscular balance through functional exercise, as well as optimizing posture to enhance general well-being as well as sports performance.

– I can communicate effectively with people of different ages and backgrounds.

– I’m a friendly out-going person, with enthusiasm and high-standards of professionalism

– Im a hard working person that drives all my clients towards attaining their health & fitness goals.

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