Lauren Callahan

Alexandria, LA

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Certified Since January 2021
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Lauren Callahan

Lauren Callahan is a certified personal trainer, health coach, yoga instructor, Camp Gladiator trainer, and ChiRunning Instructor. She loves running the trails of her local national forest, going on backyard adventures with her family, and doing just about anything that can be done outside.

Lauren began running when she met her husband, as they trained together to race in the St. Jude’s marathon weekend. Several half marathons later, she discovered that youthful energy only goes so far before knee injuries and other leg pain can easily take over. Discouraged by pain that consistently popped up after only 2 miles of running, Lauren sought out help from physical therapists and orthopedists who consistently advised her to strengthen obscure muscles and quit running altogether. Since that wasn’t exactly an option, she turned to ChiRunning, and found that it not only made sense to her body, but it also resonated in her soul.

ChiRunning is now not only an important part of Lauren’s getting back to running the trails again and doing something that she loves, but also an amazing part of the bigger journey to living whole, centered, and joyfully everyday.

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Lauren is a natural teacher with infectious energy….I would highly recommend Chi running and especially Lauren. She is a joy to be with.


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