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Laurel Flax

Laurel started running after college in 1980.  She ran many races from 5K to Marathon and did some short & middle distance Triathlons.  She was frequently hurt which necessitated time off & often PT for  a variety of injuries to her knees, hips, ankles & feet.  The “norm” was to go home from races with ice packs on her knees.  By the year 2000, she had stopped running any significant distances.

She learned about ChiRunning slowly – first by reading the book and then attending workshops with Master Instructor Vince Vaccaro and Founder Danny Dreyer.  She began practicing, but still did not believe that she could run uninjured.

After several more workshops and meeting an older ChiRunner who was doing multi-day Ultra races, Laurel began to believe that running was a possibility again,  She entered & completed a 50K Race – no ice packs required and was able to go sightseeing the next day!!

Laurel is now doing Ultra races up to 30-hours (64 miles) with no ice packs in sight and is looking forward to 100 Miles sometime in the not too distant future.  She credits the practice of ChiRunning & Chi Walking with teaching her body & her mind how to move easily over long distances without injuries.

Laurel was a member of the ChiSchool and saw the webinars for ChiRun/ChiWalk Instructor Training.  She wanted to be able to share this technique with others and took the ChiRun/ChiWalk Instructor Training with Danny Dreyer in Asheville, NC.  She also took an additional ChiWalk Instructor Training with Katherine Dreyer as she feels that ChiWalking is an important piece of helping others to start moving easily & without injuries.

If you would like to start walking or running or improve your running efficiency while avoiding injuries, Laurel would love to help you!!!  Small changes in your posture or the way you move can  result in big changes in your performance & ease of movement!!

Running & Walking do not have to hurt  – Use gravity to your advantage & go with the force of the oncoming road!! Enjoy your practice of movement whatever your goals!!!


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It was a pleasure to attend Laurel’s Chi Walk instruction.  She illustrates concepts clearly  and creates excitement about learning to move functionally to prevent injury!   I highly recommend her classes Barb W.

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