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Keith McConnell

  1. Keith has been an active runner all his life including recreational competition from sprints to marathons. He ran his first marathon in 1979 in San Francisco and, after not doing marathons for over 20 years, he trained in ChiRunning and is now marathoning again having completed the Boston marathon among others.  Keith has also run in many Master’s track and field competitions both nationally and internationally. Running has been a source of freedom, flow and personal challenge for Keith and it has also served as an effective conditioner for his participation in other sports such as hockey and tennis.

Keith has become an enthusiastic advocate for ChiRunning  through his own experience and the comprehensive training he completed with Danny Dreyer leading to his certification as a ChiRunning Instructor. The integration of mind, body and spirit that comes with the holistic approach of ChiRunning fits well with the personal and professional evolution that he has gone through in his own life. His experience as a university professor, a licensed psychologist, president of the Running Psychologists, and a Life Coach make him uniquely qualified to teach and coach others in this new and powerful approach to running. Keith works with a variety of runners and running groups. He gains special satisfaction working with “re-entry runners”, those who wish to become runners once again, and also with Masters age runners who want to improve their fitness level, become life long runners or even run competitively.  Trail running and hill running are two of Keith’s specialty areas.

Walking has also been integral to Keith’s fitness and recreational life as he enjoys hiking, has competed in Racewalking and, in recent years, has become an active Chi Walker  and has had great success assisting walkers and “want-to-be” walkers in learning how to walk with ease and efficiency and how to use ChiWalking ideas and forms to enhance their lives. Keith Chi Walked the Seattle marathon and offers a Walking Marathon training group through the Eugene Running company.

Keith has also developed a specialization in Walk-Run, the innovative and effective approach to fitness and recreational competition that combines walking and running.

Keith lives in Eugene, Oregon (“Track Town, USA”)from where he has a ChiWalking and ChiRunning practice in the northwest. He teaches courses in Fitness Walking and Running at the University of Oregon.

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