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Triad, Triangle and coastal areas of NC

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Certified Since April 2007
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Kari Wilkinson

Kari is a certified ChiRunning/Walking instructor,USA Triathlon coach, as well as a ACE personal trainer. She is a competitive age group triathlete and runner winning the NCTS and TTS age group series several years and has run several marathons qualifying for Boston( after finding ChiRunning). She has a BS degree in science education and is nationally board certified teaching HS chemistry and Environmental Science for 26 years . She is excellent in communicating and teaching the ChiRunning technique and has taught hundreds of runners including officers and troops in the US ARMY at Fort Bragg.Kari came across ChiRunning after suffering from significant injuries that kept her out of racing and running for several months. After taking a ChiRunning clinic with Danny and practicing the focuses consistently she has been running injury free for the last 8 years.

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