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The Woodlands, TX


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Certified Since September 2009
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Julie Morvant

The Woodlands, TX
Teaching ChiRunning is one of the most rewarding jobs in my life. I have been teaching this injury prevention running program for two years. All of my workshops or private sessions are individualized as much as possible so that each client’s needs and goals are met. It is a great honor to teach people who have never run before as well. I was not always the most efficient runner but ChiRunning has changed this for me. I can run without pain, move more efficiently and run faster thanks to learning proper alignment and relaxation. Running faster is just a bonus because my real goal is always to have energy to carry me through my day. ChiRunning helps me feel more relaxed and focus to take care of my daily responsibilities. I believe that people who are accomplished, especially at work, do this by breaking big goals into small steps, giving themselves more opportunities for victories. I use this approach in my teaching. Start where you are, move forward toward change very slowly while learning the basics very well. Running is one of the many joys in my life and I am happy to share the gift of ChiRunning. When people ask why did you get certified in ChiRunning, my answer is pretty simple…. I want others to maximize the benefits of running and greatly reduce their chance of injury. I also want others to reach their running goals whether they are a beginner or marathoner. I am available for individual or small group instruction.

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