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Certified Since June 2004
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John Kent

John Kent….. John a competitive road cyclist for many years, is a lifelong recreational runner with the occasional venture into competition at distances from 5 K to the marathon. John had few injuries during his years of running but in his early sixties he suffered a series of injuries and contemplated giving up running but after studying and applying the ChiRunning technique the injuries disappeared together with all thoughts of giving up running. ChiRunning brought a new joy to running for John, retirement allows him the time to practice and develop his ChiRunning skills as well as sharing ChiRunning with you as a certified instructor. He leads an active lifestyle, in addition to running he enjoys meditation, walking, cycling, Nei Gong, cross country skiing and exploring the mind body connection.John believes that most runners, from beginners to experienced, would enjoy learning about Chi Running and the best way to do this is to get in touch  with a certified instructor. The model for Chi Running is to run as a child, free, aligned, relaxed and really unaware of the act of running. John has recently put his running under the microscope to see if he can get back to the basics, but doing so with awareness, a journey started enjoyed but not yet completed.

John is based in Montreal and teaches across eastern Canada with regularly scheduled ChiRunning and Chi Walking events in Montreal, south eastern Ontario including Toronto as well as the Maritimes. Visit our website for details of our schedule or if you would like a workshop in your area call us
John teaches all ChiRunning and Walking workshops together with his life and running partner Hyongok.



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