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Certified Since October 2014
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Jeff Howard

Meet Coach Jeff Howard “The BQ Running Coach

Everyone is different, yet, as humans we have many things in common. Like most kids I wanted to run and play with other kids, but could not due to birth defects in both feet. With medical attention, desire, professional guidance, continuous learning,…found a way.  My passion, commitment to the process helped  identify pathways enabling others to breakthrough, too.  Seeing runners run healthy, achieve negative split, set PRs, even qualify is my way of paying back those that enabled me, and more importantly, paying it forward by teaching others what they need to know to run healthy for a lifetime.” 

My mission is to make running fun, easy and efficient for you as this is the healthy way to run! It is also the means to going further, going faster, doing both! Chi Running, in combination with the PainFree Running Method deliver results.


  • Master Instructor ChiRunning
  • USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Certified Master Coach Pain Free Running Method
  • Certified Lifetime Fitness 1:1 Run Coach

Recent Race Results

  • 5K 21:07 (age 57)
  • 10K 43:44 (age 60)
  • 15K 1:13:01 (age 60)
  • 1/2 1:38:08 (age 60)
  • Marathon 3:56:53 (age 60)
  • Boston and New York Marathon Qualifier

Q&A with Coach Jeff

Q: What were the reason for training and obtaining certifications from ChiRunning, USATF, Injury Freedom Running, and Lifetime Fitness?

A: “I truly want others to enjoy all that running has to offer, to maximize the benefits while greatly reducing their risk of injury. Also, I want to my effort to truly enable others to achieve their running goals healthily whether they are a beginner, intermediate or elite runner regardless of distance. To do so I make myself available for individual and small group instruction.”

Q: Was there any reason for your focus on biomechanics?

A: Yes. Biomechanics is technique in motion. Technique is fundamental to doing anything and everything efficiently. That is achieving the result with the least amount of effort and downside risk. With running it is about getting from point A to point B repeatedly while avoiding injuries! The first thing we learn in every sport or playing an instrument is technique, a physical positioning of the body. A position that enables us to move throughout a range of motion with ease. Pick up a tennis racket and you learn how to hold it, move it as well as how to move the body in concert. With running, people just run without realizing there is a problem. Every run they absorb tons, literally tons of impact.  Running efficiently transfer the impact into motion. Not doing so has three negative outcomes: slower runs, increased soreness & recovery time, and long-term degenerative effect on the body.

Q: Why did you get into ChiRunning?

A:”A long time friend and running coach relentlessly pursued me to run a race. Reluctantly agreed as long as he agreed to never bring racing up again. I saw no reason to pay money to run nor get up early to do so. At the end of the 25k my friend told me that I could raise a donations for autism charities. Thus, my journey as a runner, an educated and trained runner began as I knew there had to be a lot that I did not know, that I did not know AND that those things could hurt me as I had always heard, seen many adult runners break down after several years. I always wanted to play sports until I die. Chi Running and the PainFree Method are the means to run for a lifetime. At nearly 65, I’ living, running proof. “

Q: What prompted you to teach and coach?

A: “Over the next few years as I ran more, joined a local club or two. , it seemed a good idea to  run with some clubs and join for guidance. To my surprise many runners getting hurt repeatedly and often the same or very similar issue. Considering the definition of injury is missing 2-3 successive workouts and or seeking medical treatment, a member injury rate exceeding 50% was alarming as it was on par with a football team. I soon realized the ‘coaches’  had a few things in common, They were club members for years, thus, experienced. They had little formal training. Their age-graded performance most often showed a more rapid decline than the normal curve. Having enjoyed more than twenty years as a certified Professional Tennis Instructor, helping players play better and avoid injury, I wanted to help as many runners and running coaches as possible, too.”

For more than two decades, Jeff has coached athletes of all levels and abilities from newbie to Olympic Qualifier, from age 8 to 73. He would like to help you to:

  1. Build a sound foundation that minimizes injuries while improving performance
  2. Develop efficient technique, aligned bio-mechanics that deliver maximum forward momentum with minimal effort (Use less energy. Avoid “Hitting the Wall” and post race soreness)
  3. Minimize stress from impact which causes RSI’s, stress related injuries: Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band, Patella Tendinitis, etc.)
  4. Personally tailored coaching and training
  5. Race Training Programs 5k to Marathon
  6. Specialty. improving age group runner’s performance: PRs and achieving 1st 2nd – 3rd place finishes. AND, Taking elites to the next level.

As a coach, Jeff helped numerous runners achieve PRs and their first 1st place Age Group finish. In 2018 and 2019, 50% of his marathon runners achieved a BQ, one qualified for NYCM. As Masters runner, he has won the Masters division title multiple times while completing 40 races ranging from 5k to marathon, not to mention achieving podium finishes in the Open Division at the age of 60+.

Background: As a 16 a year old Sr., Jeff walked-on to the high school team cross country posting an impressive 4:42 mile and 10:00 minute two mile resulting in runner-up for both MVP and Scholar Athlete (decided by 1/100th GPA). Although recruited to run collegiately, he chose tennis and also walked-on to the basketball team as a Freshman. Following college Jeff pursued professional tennis and his graduate degree.

Running as training for life: His tennis mentor, Dennis Van Der Meer, was Billie Jean King’s tennis coach. Dennis introduced him to several elite runners and coaches as moving efficiently was as integral to tennis training and fundamentally sound stroke biomechanics. Early on he learned “being the best one can be” meant holistic work-outs combined with sufficient recovery to achieve the desired benefit as well as to avoid injury. This fundamental approach provided a foundation for wellness and winning up to the present (40 years)..

Two essential fundamentals for success were evident in each sport he played: Proper Technique and Performance Optimization. Technique delivers efficiency, ensuring every movement utilizes the least amount of effort with maximum transfer of energy into desired motion. Performance drills optimize physiology, the capacity to achieve the best possible results. Combining the two enables the athlete to achieve while also improving health, well-being and avoiding injuries along the way.

“Run Well & Run More, Faster & Further!” Jeff

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