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Jane Tse

Jane Tse is an ultra-runner and an IT consultant by profession. She is a veteran Oxfam Trailwalker and have participated in this iconic 100KM charity event in Hong Kong, Japan, France and Spain since 2003. Jane also ran many international marathons in Asia. Here’s her featured article “On Recovery Road” published in Distance Running (http://www.distancerunning.co.uk/issues/63.html) about the inaugural Kyoto Marathon to commemorate the worst ever earthquake in Japan.

Jane started teaching ChiRunning in 2013 and since has helped students from veteran runners to 3K beginners to improve their running efficiency.

“I have run my fastest time trial in my life yesterday and my friends praised that I am running beautifully in the ChiRunning form. I firmly believe that ChiRunning will help runners who have injured in the past and compensate the conventional training program which only emphasized on strength training and mileage buildup.”
Mario Chau, multiple marathoners

Join those who have benefited from ChiRunning, email to janetse.chirunning@gmail.com to enrol or set up a private tutorial.

Listen to this online radio interview (in Cantonese) and feel the joy of running! http://www.sportsoho.com/sportunes/ChiRunning/740

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