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Certified Since December 2012
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Hannah Kirkman

Based in Somerset, in the South West of the UK, I’m a ChiRunning senior instructor, personal trainer, Restore Your Core (RYC®) teacher specialising in core and pelvic floor rehab, and Oxygen Advantage coach.

Like many people, I came to ChiRunning as a chronically injured runner, after struggling for years with Achilles tendonosis that almost forced me to give up running for good. I’d just accepted pain and injury as an occupational hazard of running, so it was a revelation to discover that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Through ChiRunning, I rediscovered the joy of running again. I was able to get back into marathon running – something I thought was over for me – and even go beyond 26.2 miles! Finding ChiRunning in 2010 has helped me fall in love with running all over again, and I love seeing other runners experience the same positive change.

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