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Glenn Trimboli

Glenn Trimboli has been an avid runner for almost 25 years. He has competed in races from an indoor 800 meter track race to the marathon to a 50 mile ultra trail race.
He was always a heavy ‘heel striker’ his whole life with injury always creeping in at the worst times. He also wore the most supportive, heaviest, expensive shoes. That all changed when Glenn was introduced to ‘chi running’ on a trail run from a very good friend of his. He was given the “ChiRunning” book and read it cover to cover. Having an engineering background helped him understand the concepts behind the form. He applied what he learned from the book and felt great and got faster. Then he attended a seminar with Danny Dreyer, felt even better and got even faster. That’s all he needed. He took the certified training course and never felt better and was never faster in his life. He broke every PR in every distance, “I felt like I was cheating it felt so easy.” “The idea of being so efficient and doing so without injury was a true life changing moment in my running life”

“Chi” Running/Walking is the result of combining the practice of tai chi and the sport of running/walking. This technique is designed for any person at every fitness level whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete at any age! You can learn the important components of chi running and chi walking, to become more energy efficient and to be injury free. You will learn how to create good posture, how to engage your core, lean forward, lift your legs and use proper arm swing. You will also learn how to focus, listen to your body, relax and move forward in a fluid and controlled motion.

Glenn is available for individual and group workshops – he also welcomes talks to groups or organizations. Feel free to call or e-mail.

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